fredag 29 juli 2011

**Dirt Track**

When I first saw this thing I just `what a fuck is this`
Then it was in original shape and looked like full dressed lady.
But right now I take it back.
Cheers to you klibb.

tisdag 26 juli 2011

fredag 15 juli 2011

El Bastardo Has Gone Green

Stumbled upon a pic of my old -54 Ford on a flickr page. The new owner has done som fine mods on it. I never had the go to put the Mercury front on it but he did!

Holliday Leather Co

Got this one from Chrisopher(,so fucking sweet wallet that you have to buy one.

Party At FUBAR

Soon it will go,and there is no one like her....

That one going to that old one

Fixing the star hub and drinking beer is the most funniest ever.....

onsdag 13 juli 2011

onsdag 6 juli 2011

Mark Lanegan - Hit The City

Visit at Tångens MC

Last weekend I spent some time with the awesome boys in BrotherHood MC, we were visiting "Görfesten" meeting at Tångens MC. A lot of nice bikes and a lot of nice people and too much booze, to bad my club brothers were at Peace and Love. I found a Really cool servicar there with a big inch flathead in it! And on the back of the servibox there was a nice old airbrush painting, and I said at once this must be a David Mann painting, the owner didn`t know who he was but when I came home I looked in my old Easyrider magz and there it was. Not an original but pretty cool!

Love Peace Chickengrease! / Klibban

tisdag 5 juli 2011

Breakdown#3 Transmission Restoration

Take my time to change out the cover end to the rigth one for the pan,so the early shovel get the right one as well!

Now the 4-speed bullet are going to be split apart!
Then we will see what happened.


AkA Sara

Dala Pan

My friend and our dude Anders `Pajjen`s neat Panhead...
I always try to convince him to take the pan for a trip to suncity Karlstad.
But as he told me it want work outside the state line(DALARNA)
You know how it worked out for me.Hahaha
Amyway thanks for everything.

söndag 3 juli 2011

The breakdown

I was so stoked to take the bike to Peace & love festival and visit some old friends and old workers!
But it didn't get me to far.
To bad the transmission was not my hero that day..But I should be glad to not pulled the bike to the ground! The tire locks up and I slid out on the edge of the road not to mention that I almost hit the tunnel I was in...SCARY...
Thanks to ANDERS for picking me up and RICO for taking the transporter so we did get the chopper back home..
Cheers to you boys

Strängnäs Bike Show