tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Gonna miss you my friend...

This sunday you´re going away to a new caretaker. Wish I had a bottomless wallet but sometimes some things has to go away in favor of new projects.

lördag 16 oktober 2010

Old pics from the 80s By Ola T

Lasse Larssons Panna Showel på Mercurisvägen på Lidingö och Farsans 39a cupa. Här hängde jag som liten grabb. Here some old pics from when I was a little boy my dads Ford 39!!

fredag 1 oktober 2010

BIKER Magazine October Issue

Just noticed on the Death Machine blog that my bike and I am in the American Magazine called " BIKER" owned by " Easyriders mag" Naked chicks and bikes. Peace Klibban