torsdag 26 juli 2012

Funsport Sleep -97

In 1997 I was 11 years old and Skateboarding was the only thing I had in my head, besides punkrock( like all bands on Burningheart records) and getting me a sweet ass moped (witch I later got when I was 13,  a red Crescent Compact. Bitching !!!!)

Besides pushing wood, and building manualpads/Wodden curbs. I bought the magazine Funsport Skateboard. who gave out the movie Sleep.
Some of the skaters I looked up to at the time are represent in this movie.

And among them our friend Nicke Svensson aka Rigid Hips

Well some unintresting writing, but the movie is cool, and brings back alot of memories .
I later quit skateboarding due to drinking Punkbärs (beer) and moped riding. but that's another story

Ps I cant stop watching the crash in the beginning of the film.

/Peace love and sorry for fucked up english

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