onsdagen den 29:e februari 2012

After swap beer

Had a nice time last saturday drinking a couple of after swap beers. Great swapmeet. Great evening. //F

This is better

This makes it a little bit easier to go to work.

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tisdagen den 28:e februari 2012


... I do this, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to go to work?

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lördagen den 25:e februari 2012

Brotherhood Swapmeet

Today's swap was a killer ! Met allot of good friends and bought some nice parts !!

fredagen den 24:e februari 2012

Do not forget!

Tomorrow, saturday!
Click on the pic to the right for info  ==>

Friday it is...

...drinking a glass of red with Lemmy & Filthy´s 1916 album on the turntable. 


lördagen den 18:e februari 2012

Spotted outside Biltema this morning

Moon Bike Show

Nice to rest the eyes on some bikes in the snowy weather.
Me, R.H., Silvio & Ring took a little trip to Avesta today wisiting the Moon Bike Show. I liked the place it was held in. I also liked the coffee. //F

Havin a little puff on the pipe

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fredagen den 10:e februari 2012

Slow mail

This is where I get my letters and bills... Guess who´s mine? //F
(Fuck, there is a drieness in blogposts about interesting things...)

fredagen den 3:e februari 2012

Friday, again...

Fuck, it´s friday again... I´m trying to relax with a nice Scottish Beer in between work, kids, frozen water, overheated heating system and other things in a house that don´t like cold weather. I´ve forgotten how my garage looks like... //F