onsdagen den 28:e juli 2010

Old Style Weekend

Some pics from O.S.W. 2002. It was a little bit smaller then (very much smaller...).

This weekend were gonna crank up one of the old Fords and head to Uddevalla again! I´m gonna pray to the big weather god and beg for nice weather and no rain!

måndagen den 19:e juli 2010



Klibban know how to show himself for the camera!!!!
You can se the muscle grow bigger and bigger!!!

lördagen den 17:e juli 2010


By the side of the road carburator restoration. But after a good clean the Chevy SS ran like a beauty again.

Going up the country

Never underestimate the joy of real good legguitar session!!

fredagen den 16:e juli 2010

1962 Paint for Panhead

Did some paint up for a dude in Sweden. Going to look awsome on his original Panhead.
Check out fubarsydicate.blogspot.com for more pics/ M Ring

söndagen den 4:e juli 2010

Venoms on the road

Dirty & Broken

3 X Original Flight Jackets for A- Bombers Sweden

I just finished off painting these super cool flight club jackets for A- Bombers Sweden, they turned out SWEET!! / Klibban