tisdagen den 30:e mars 2010

tisdagen den 23:e mars 2010

Thanks to my good friend M(klibban)E a now got some
sweet pinsriping on my bike,and it look killer!
It will bare it self on Custom Performance Show(Sweden)
And Hot Rod & Rock Show (Finland) now in April!

lördagen den 13:e mars 2010

Some inspiration 60s Kustoms

And my lovley..

Well,with paint on the frame and tank its look like I am going to make it!

And so was the night to,remember that ola said: I never gonna sell this car!
And guess what!!!!! He did any way.
His heart for bikes could not resist any more,and we don`t blame you brother.
Awsome summer...
Ring painted
Ricos stuff after klibb done some striping on it!

tisdagen den 9:e mars 2010

tisdagen den 2:e mars 2010

Bob Log For President!

Bob Log III

Live this Saturday @ Nöjesfabriken
Went to a show with this fellow a couple of years ago, his wild..
Crowdsurfing in a rubberboat...
Playing slide guitar and making a hell of a noise!